'Tebowing' -- You're Out. 'Bradying' -- You're In. (PHOTOS)

bradying 1Okay, fine. Fine! I like the latest crazy "ing" craze: Bradying. Because it's not just funny, it's kind of brilliant. But more on that in a minute.

So, you know that pic of Tom Brady right after the Patriots lost the Super Bowl? He's sitting on the ground with his feet sticking out in front of him, his head hanging low ... pretty much in the defeated pose of a 3-year-old whose scoop of ice cream just fell off the cone. Splat.

Well, here's the thing. Tebowing is soooo yesterday's news ...


And besides, Bradying is way easier to pull off (the kneeling thing made Tebowing downright hazardous for the stiff-jointed). But here's the brilliant-est part ...

Remember "planking" and "owling" and "batting" and (for the love of god) "breading"? Thanks to all the plucky souls out there willing to post their personal Bradying photos online, Bradying manages to merge two ridiculous trends of very different origins ... a sports trend and an Internet trend! Check these out:

Bradying at the office is fun.

bradying 2

Chicks dig Bradying, too.

Chicks are into Bradying, too.

Bradying on the dining room table ... why not?

bradying 4

Now if somebody could just convince Gisele to post a Bradying pic ...

Would you try Bradying?


Images via BustedCoverage

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