The Embarrassing Facebook Photos You Deleted Might Still Be There

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For those of us who thought we were smart to delete any and all incriminating, embarrassing photos from our Facebook page, the news today is our biggest nightmare come true: Those deleted photos could STILL be lurking out there on the Internet.

That's right, Facebook has confirmed that many "deleted" photos have not disappeared completely and remain on the social network's servers. That means that despite your best efforts, the whole world may see that photo of you passed out on the floor with "Loser" in black marker on your forehead, or the one where you unwisely wore a bikini after too many burritos, or the one in which you thought it'd be fun to dress like your dog.

So, how do you know if they are still up there?


If there's a link out there to a photo you put on Facebook, then people may be able to see it even if you untagged yourself. According to Facebook, it's a glitch in its system -- and a rather unfortunate one I'd say. An update to the system is actually supposed to correct this and ensure that any deleted content is removed from its servers within 45 days. But that's not due for another month or two ... and even then, do you really trust that your stuff will be deleted off the Internet forever?

Those of us with hideous photos out there are left with only a few options: Be more careful than ever about what we upload to Facebook. Bribe our enemies with cookies in exchange for not mass-emailing links to our most embarrassing life moments caught on film. Never eat a burrito again.

It's a worst-case scenario especially for those of us that value our privacy online and aren't always so very photogenic. Still, we've always been told that nothing gets completely deleted from the Internet. Maybe a lesson in being mindful of what we put out there isn't such a bad thing after all.

Are there any photos you wish weren't up on Facebook?


Image via Evil Erin/Flickr

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