Twitter & Facebook Are the New Cigarettes & Booze

laptop and wineYou know what's addicting? Cigarettes and booze. You know what else is addicting? Twitter and email. You know which is more addicting? If you think cigarettes and booze you must be drunk, 'cause it's Twitter and email, people. Twitter and email are more addicting than alcohol and cigs! That's cray-cray.

Okay, really it's not, but if this is the case, seriously, there needs to be a 12-step program for social media. Who can I talk to about this? Zuckerberg!


In a recent study that was conducted, researchers deduced that while booze, alcohol, sleep, and sex may be stronger urges, people are more likely to succumb to desires to use social media, and ... check their e-mail. Scandalous.

Though choosing email over sex or even sleep is really lame, I have to say, I'm not surprised. We have access to Twitter, Facebook, and email 24:7. The same isn't necessarily true for the former. We're at the point where it's almost involuntary. When was the last time you were on a bus or in a waiting room and people weren't looking at their smartphones? That never happens. I actually play a game with myself when in those situations to see how long I can go without looking at my iPhone. Answer, not long.

So, now I come full circle. Will there ever be a 12-step program for social media? Are we going to start seeing stars being hospitalized for heavy Internet usage? Will a rehab center open somewhere in the California desert that centers around Facebook recovery? I doubt it. 'Cause we're all addicts. And how can we help others if we can't help ourselves? Think about it.

Are you addicted to Facebook or Twitter or The Stir?


Image via SuperFantastic/Flickr

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