Denver Broncos Star Gets a DUI to Go With His ‘Sauced’ License Plate

Knowshon MorenoIf you've ever wondered where the term "dumb jock" came from, wonder no more. Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Which would be a lot less shocking if it weren't for the word "Sauced" on the personalized license plate on his Bentley.

Hey now, I'm not trying to convict the dude here. We're all innocent before proven guilty and all that, but let's be real. If the cops see two cars weaving in traffic, and one has a randomized string of numbers and letters on the plate, while the other has a slang word for getting your drink on, who do you think is going to get treated to a blue light special?


Gee whiz, that's a tough one, isn't it?

Technically Denver police say they pulled Moreno over for driving 70 in a 45 mph construction zone. When they smelled booze, police say they put the football player through a field sobriety test, which he failed. But at least he was "respectful and polite!"

Now let me just say drunk driving ranks right up there on my list of pet peeves. Drink like a fish; I don't care. But don't put my life or the life of my child at risk, OK? I'm always glad when police say they caught someone before something terrible happened.

But I have to admit I'm always a tad amused when people's stupidity is what gets them caught. It's like the guy you always read about in the newspaper who was pulled over for speeding, and that's when the cops realized he had a suspended license or pot in the car or something else illegal. If he'd just driven the speed limit, they never would have nabbed him! He put the target on his own back!

The same goes for a guy like Moreno. He was allegedly out there drinking and driving with one heck of a target on his back!

What do you think when you see license plates like this?


Image via Getty Images/Justin Edmonds

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