Giants Owner Secretly Wore Super Bowl 'Good Luck Charms' From His Little Girls (VIDEO)

Steve Tisch
Sorry, don't have a photo of his feet
Steve Tisch, the co-owner of the New York Giants, got his second Super Bowl ring Sunday night when his team beat the New England Patriots in a very exciting match-up. Of course, he credits the players and coaches and fans for the win, but there's one tiny superstition he totally believes helped bring his team the glory -- thanks to his two young daughters.

All of his toenails are painted red and blue.

Yep, that's right, the 62-year-old allowed his children, Elizabeth and Holden, to give him a patriotic pedicure. That was five weeks ago, and he was too nervous to remove the polish as the Giants kept on winning. Yep, Steve Tisch's toenails were painted while he was watching the Super Bowl. How adorable is that?


Superstition is such a major part in sports, and this good luck charm is definitely one of the cutest. Tisch said: “If this is how it is going to work out, then maybe I should wear it all the time ... I was going to get rid of it, but my daughters thought it was funny and then we just kept winning." If only we could see a picture of his daughters' fine work!

With one red foot and one blue foot (each daughter did one), maybe this was the good luck charm to the Giants' improbable road to victory. And we'll find out next season if his daughters' playful joke is the gift that will keep on giving. He said, “I will probably give the toenails a break over the summer, but if we need a little extra in the future, why not?”

Aww, that's really too bad. I could only imagine Steve Tisch, serious, ridiculously wealthy businessman, hanging out on the beach in his flip-flops with his toenails bedecked in bright red and blue. What a cute little reminder so that his girls -- and his hopes for his team -- are always with him.

Come on, we all know how sensitive people get about dudes and toenails.

Here's Steve talking with TMZ about his daughters and his toes:

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Could have gone through life not knowing how often Steve washes his feet, but hey, now that the Giants have won a Super Bowl, maybe he'll go and treat himself to a nice, luxurious foot bath. And if the Giants win yet again next year thanks to this "secret," I'll be sure to write a letter to the my favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and their owner to encourage him to paint his toenails black and gold!

What do you think of Steve Tisch's pedicure? Do you believe in good luck charms?


Image via TMZ

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