Commercial Featuring 'Steve Jobs' Should Offend Apple Fans (VIDEO)

steve jobs commercialApparently, in his afterlife, Steve Jobs isn't an Apple man; he's an Action Pad kind of guy. Confused? Never even heard of an Action Pad? Lemme explain.

Right now, a Taiwanese company is running a commercial featuring a comedian doing his best Jobs impersonation who's hawking a new tablet called the Action Pad. In the spot, the comedian wears jeans, a black mock turtleneck, and -- eesh -- angel wings. The post-mortem Jobs plays on his Action Pad and says things like, "Thank God I finally get to play other tablets." To say that the entire concept is tacky and that the "too soon" rule was egregiously ignored is a gross understatement. But the worst offense of all is that the Action Pad runs on Google's Android.


While Jobs was still alive, he made no bones about his disdain for the Android -- a product he had dubbed a blatant "stolen product" from Apple. He notoriously referred to the technology as "shit," and was quoted in his biography as saying he was going to "destroy" the Android and was prepared to go to "thermonuclear war" over the device. Sooo ... featuring a Steve Jobs character that likes the Android isn't just the most far-fetched of situations, it's disrespectful as hell.

I really don't think Jobs, his family members, or anybody from Apple, Inc. finds this commercial amusing. (No one does, actually, the YouTube page where it's featured has tons of "dislikes," along with plenty of comments from offended folk, chastising the video.) It's rude, tasteless, almost worst of all, it isn't remotely funny.

Check out the commercial:

Do you find this tasteless?


Image via jaybluesify/YouTube

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