'Things People Say at a Super Bowl Party' Is Too Funny to Miss (VIDEO)

superbowl partyWhat?! Another one? Bet you thought you were really over the S%#t People Say phenomenon (like really for real this time). Well, we all shoulda seen this one coming: S%#t People Say at a Super Bowl Party.

I know, right? Somebody had to do it. And I'm glad it was the fine funny folks over at Jockular, 'cause this vid is so entertaining from start to finish, the spot could hold its own if it ran alongside those million-dollar commercials on game day.


Personally I'm impressed with the variety of characters featured in this short. You've got the football-clueless girl who's clearly only there to binge on junk food, the irate, swearing dad with a baby strapped to his chest, the miserable arguing couple, the "serious" fan ... watch this clip. Do any of these people remind you of someone you know?

A few of my favorite lines:

"I bet you 50 bucks Kelly Clarkson is going to screw up the National Anthem."

"Go for it!"

"Oh, why did they go for it?"

"Hooo boy, these are hot wings!"

"I'm not gay, but like, look at his butt."

"That commercial kinda makes me want to buy a Honda."

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