Guy Renting Out Living Room for Super Bowl on Craigslist Is a Genius

super bowl partyForget the Super Bowl commercials. The best ad you're going to see is already out, and it showed up on Craigslist of all places. An industrious dude from Indianapolis is selling his version of Super Bowl tickets on the online classifieds listing spot, and you too can get in on the action ... if you have a large-screen TV that is.

For the low, low price of $1,600 (about half what a cheap seat was going for at Lucas Oil Stadium), the Craigslister was willing to let a group of folks take over his living room to take advantage of his brand new hi-def Samsung 55" 3D TV. Of course he was!


If you just spent $3,000 or so on any one electronic item, wouldn't you be looking to get some cash back?

But get this, the dude doesn't even LIKE football. In fact, after setting the Super Bowl partiers up with two large one-topping pizzas from Papa John's and some brewskies (American-made, natch), he was going to hightail it to his office to work on his taxes. These people will get to pretend it's their own place. Just check it out:

craigslist ad

Weird? Yes. Wacky? Certainly. Ingenious? Oh yeah!

This guy has the edge because he could list that he was actually IN Indianapolis and garner attention for his Super Bowl listing, but there's no reason other people can't try it. This could be the way you finally afford the home theater system of your dreams. Just think about it.

Experts already say the prices of TVs drop in January -- it's right after Christmas, and the stores are trying to entice broke people to spend again, plus there is that big game they know people are thinking about. So go out and buy a cheap TV that will really wow, advertise your place as the spot with the big screen, and you could walk out of the whole deal with cash in your pocket PLUS a little extra spending money. And if you avoid the game and spend it doing your taxes like this dude, you will get your tax return sooner than your pals ... even more money for you!

Would you ever rent out your big TV for a big game?


Image via TripleTri/Flickr

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