What Your Smartphone Says About Your Sex Life

women texting at the barSamsung commercials depict iPhone users as an entire breed of blind lemur types lined up around the block awaiting the "next big thing," while Apple fans tend to envision those who own Android smartphones as behind-the-times, not as cool, and certainly not as stylish. But did you know all this typecasting extends to the BEDROOM, as well?! I know! Color me surprised, but apparently, our smartphone operating systems say something about how we act on first dates and with hook-ups!

A new Match.com survey found a slew of funny differences about Canadian Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone users like ... did you know that Android singles like to get it on ASAP? Yep, 62 percent of Android users say they've had sex on the first date, compared to 57 percent of iPhone users and 48 percent of BlackBerry owners. And 55 percent of Android users have had one-night stands, while only 50 percent of iPhone users and 47.6 percent of BB'ers have. Weird!!


What is it about having a Droid that's making these people hop into bed faster, huh? Or is it a chicken or the egg type question ... Maybe people with a need for instant gratification are more apt to have Droids?

Then again, the survey says iPhone addicts wait just one day to reach out after a first date, while Droid or BlackBerry users will wait until after two to three dates. Soooo, maybe Droid users are horny, while iPhone users are clingy?

Pffft ... crazy talk, I say! It's nutty to define people by the type of smartphone they're using! Come on, the differences between Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry users in this survey weren't all that huge. Hence, it's hard to make any real sweeping generalizations here ... with the exception of BlackBerry users coming off as cute, hopelessly romantic traditionalists, with 67 percent of 'em saying they have experienced love at first sight. Awwww. No, but seriously, I'm sure there are plenty of iPhone users who have sex on the first date, and Android users who believe in love at first sight. Right?

We love our gadgets and, yeah, sometimes we choose them to express ourselves or send some kind of message to the rest of the world ("I'm a Mac fangirl and I don't care who knows it!" or "Screw Apple, I'm goin' with Droid!"), but beyond that ... eh. I doubt our smartphones really say that much about who we are and the decisions we're going to make, especially when it comes to love.

What do you think -- agree or disagree? Do you identify with this survey's results?

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