Planned Parenthood Supporters Take Their Anger Out on Facebook

komenWondering how women are feeling about Susan G. Komen's for the Cure's decision to cease funding for breast cancer screenings via Planned Parenthood? Probably not -- because the response has been loud and widespread. It's been pretty hard to miss! And if you're on Facebook, you're probably seeing a constant stream commentary on the controversy.

As of yesterday, there were about 20 negative posts per hour on Facebook about the Komen split from Planned Parenthood. Supposedly, Komen-supporters are catching up. But the initial response during the first 24 hours -- that classic "grassroots" response -- was overwhelmingly in support of Planned Parenthood. It's exciting to watch.


This has translated into a tsunami of donations to Planned Parenthood. Within the first 24 hours of the story breaking, Planned Parenthood received about $650,000 in donations. It's not quite enough to cover the nearly $1 million in lost funding from Komen, but that's some pretty freakin' lightning-fast fundraising. Nothing galvanizes people in the 21st century like a social media war.

Things are heating up over Twitter, too. Judy Blume -- author of Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret -- posted "Susan Komen would not give in to bullies or to fear. Too bad the foundation bearing her name did. Support @PPact. Save lives." Meanwhile, Komen's Twitter feed remained silent starting Monday until just last night, when it posted a response by its founder and CEO, Nancy Brinker. To their credit, the Komen Facebook page did not delete angry comments protesting the split.

But the damage is already done. In the past two days millions of people have made their voices known. They've shared information and resources. And they've overwhelmingly thrown their support for Planned Parenthood. Would this even be possible before social media? I have to wonder.

Do you think social media has made the Komen backlash bigger than it would have been without?


Image via audreyjm529/Flickr

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