Breading Is the Newest Internet Fad That Humiliates Your Cat

cat breadingAll has been quiet on the "idiotic Internet craze" front for a while. There haven't been any new and improved versions of planking, or owling, or even their lesser-known cousin, batting. For a brief moment in time, it seemed like we weren't all a bunch of bored idiots. But that time has come to an end. I present to you -- Breading.

Breading is the world wide web's latest thing to do, and instead of making ourselves look like complete yahoos, we're making our poor, sweet cats look like yahoos.


This meme is the art of taking your darling cat's head and shoving it through a piece of bread -- as far as I know, any kind will do -- wheat, white, pumpernickel. This act is then followed by an amateur photo shoot of said humiliated animal and then an upload of pictures to the Internet. It's actually quite adorable -- I mean, it's kittens with bread-head! -- but it's also a little, I don't know, jerky.

If you want to partake in Internet memes, by all means, have at them ad nauseum, but do your pet a favor and leave him or her out of it. They want no part of your silly little follies, and just like they dread you putting the bat wings on them every October, and the Santa hat on them every December, they don't like this.

But, yes, for the record, it is terribly cute.

Check out a video of a "breaded" cat:

Do you dress your pet up? Would you ever bread your cat?


Image via TheMikorx/YouTube

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