Super Bowl 2012 by the Numbers: Money, Beer, Antacids & More!

Super BowlSo we know the basics on the Super Bowl now. Big game, this weekend, New York Giants vs. New England Patriots. You got that?

Good enough, but do you know the real story of the biggest TV spectacle of the whole year? You know what I'm talking about. How much do those commercials actually cost? How much beer will people be drinking? And the real question of the hour: how many ladies think Eli Manning is a total hottie?

Behold! We have the answers! Let's take a look at Super Bowl XLVI ... by the numbers:


1 -- Rank of New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen on the "richest celebrities" list

2 -- Where Super Bowl Sunday ranks in terms of Americans' single-day food consumption, just behind Thanksgiving

9 -- Percent hike in claims for pizza delivery-related auto accidents during the game

15 -- Percent of people who would be willing to skip the birth of their own child to go to the Super Bowl.

20 -- Sales jump percentage for antacids this weekend

37 -- Percent of Patriots fans who consider themselves to be "diehard," compared to 23 percent of other football fans nationwide

40 -- Percent of people parked in front of the TV on Super Bowl Sunday who aren't actually football fans

46 -- The actual number that Super Bowl XLVI represents (for those of you who haven't had to use roman numerals since you were in grade school)

54 -- Percent of married women who'd prefer a hook-up with New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning over Pats QB Tom Brady ... both of whom are also married

55 -- The over/under bet set by the bookies

118.80 -- Average cost, in dollars, people will blow on their at-home party

330 -- Weight, in pounds, of the heaviest players who will be taking the field (Giants James Brewer and Kareem McKenzie, Patriots Ron Brace and Gerard Warren)

3,982 -- Average price, in dollars, of a Super Bowl ticket

16,480 -- Price of the most expensive game ticket sold to date

68,000 -- Capacity of Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium, expanded from a normal 63,000 for the big day

1.4 million -- Adults who have considered calling in sick on Monday to recover from their party

3.5 million -- The average price, in dollars, for a 30-second commercial during the game

50 million -- Estimated cases of beer consumed by fans

171 million -- People who will be watching

250 to 300 million -- Estimate revenue the commercials will make for NBC

11 billion -- The amount, in dollars, that will be spent by all the Super Bowl fans -- yes that's billion with a "b"

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What number surprises you on this list?


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