David Beckham's Sexy Super Bowl Ad Is a Fantasy for 'Football Widows' (VIDEO)

david beckham super bowlWoo-hoo! How psyched are you for the Super Bowl!?!?!? What do you mean, you're not? Oh ... oh, I get it. You're one of those football widows, aren't you? Yeah, I know your type. You haven't seen your man on a Sunday since Labor Day Weekend ... you secretly fantasize about starting a bonfire with his ratty old Giants jersey ... you're getting used to hearing him mumble in his sleep about Eli Manning.

Lame! But guess what? Gray skies are gonna clear up! Seriously, your months of pain and suffering are about to pay off in a big, beautiful, muscle-bound, tattoo-covered way.

Your reward is called David Beckham. Nearly naked. Promoting his new underwear line for H&M in what's got to be THE hottest game day commercial in the history of television.

Don't believe me?


Watch it and weep, ladies. (Tears of joy, of course.) What do you care if a bunch of boys slosh beer all over your couch? So what if you spend the next several weeks scrubbing 7-Layer Dip out of the carpet?

This commercial makes every pigskin-related inconvenience you've endured over the recent months worth the trouble:

Told you! I wasn't exaggerating, was I?

Is David Beckham's commercial for H&M your Super Bowl Sunday fantasy come true?

Image via hennesandmauritz/YouTube

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