5 of the Most Bizarre Facebook Stories You'll Ever Read

Are you completely over the many "Best Of" lists that seemed to take over the entire Internet at the end of 2011? Yeah, me too, but I can't help myself—I have to share this list of the most bizarre/freaky/embarrassing things that happened on Facebook recently.

(It's like Jello-O, there's always room for more when it comes to people making asses of themselves on social media.)

We tend to think of Facebook as being a place for innocuous status updates about what we're eating for dinner or the hilaaaaaaarious things our kid say, but judging by this insane roundup from Buzzfeed, it's also become a prime environment for enjoying people at their most demented.

Without further ado, please enjoy 5 of the strangest stories that have ever emerged from Facebook:


Bong-Toking Baby Picture.

What's more crazy, that this Florida mom claims it's just tobacco shown in the photo of her baby huffing on a bong—or that she gave her baby a bong in the first place? Wait, I think I'm going with the fact that she POSTED THE PHOTO ON FACEBOOK.

Police Standoff Live-Blog.

In Salt Lake City, gunman Jason Valdez held a woman hostage during a 16-hour standoff with police—all the while updating his Facebook profile via mobile phone. Naturally, more than one person "liked" his status along the way.

7-Eleven Marketing Fail.

Someone had the bright idea for 7-Eleven to mock Mental Health Month via a quickly-deleted Facebook status update. Too bad someone else had the even brighter idea to capture a screen grab while it was still online.

Mafia Wars Embezzlement Crime.

In December, 54-year-old Bettysue Higgins pleaded guilty to embezzling $166,000 from the Maine Trial Lawyers Association when she worked as an administrative assistant for the group. What'd she do with all the cash? Spent it on virtual coins for Facebook's YoVille and Mafia Wars games, of course.

"I Like Public Sex 2" Wants to Be Friends on Facebook.

Amanda Confer couldn't figure out why she was getting a ton of male Facebook friend requests seemingly out of the blue, but eventually she realized she'd been featured in The Smoking Gun for having public sex on a city bus. Gives a new meaning to poking, wouldn't you say?

What's your favorite weird Facebook story?

Images via The Stir, Facebook, Adweek, Zynga, Facebook

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