Chad Ochocinco Uses Twitter to Spark the Unlikeliest of Friendships

Speaker John Boehner and Chad Ochocinco

Even if you're not a tweeter, you've got to admit, Twitter is a pretty cool concept. It gives millions and millions of people from all over the world a chance to directly connect instantaneously. Chad Ochocinco has a new "friend" this week thanks to a few of his recent posts. During the State of the Union on Tuesday night, the Patriots wide receiver tweeted:

"Anybody notice the guy over Obama's left shoulder doesn't seem happy and he's not smiling. He's not clapping with joy."

LOL. Am I the only one who thinks it's hilarious that Ochocinco didn't know he was staring at Speaker John Boehner? The man did have a point; Boehner wasn't exactly ecstatic during President Obama's address. Don't worry, though, the hilarity of this all doesn't stop here.

Read on to see what Boehner tweeted in response


Not surprisingly Ochocinco was quickly informed who he was tweeting about. He followed up his first tweet about Boehner with a few others, telling the politician how kind he thought he was and that he loved him.

The next day, Boehner tweeted at Ochocinco:

@ochocinco: Thanks & good luck in the @SuperBowl; we'll see you in the playoffs next year. Go #Bengals #WhoDey

Awwwwww. After a little more friendly back and forth continued between the two, the exchange ended with Chad saying he got Boehner's phone number! I freakin' love it!

It's just so crazy who users can get in touch with on Twitter. As an avid user of the site, I always find myself giving shout-outs to my favorite celebs. Considering they get thousands and thousands of tweets a day, it's VERY infrequent that they actually respond. However, when they do (three times, for me!), it's such a rewarding, exciting feeling.

Think about it, there is NO other way that any average Joe like you and me can get in contact with, say, Kim Kardashian, aside from sending her a little tweet. With Twitter, there's no middle man. No publicist necessary. Sure, it may be room for 140 characters of love. But hey, that ain't no thing.

Have you ever gotten a celeb response from something you sent on Twitter? What do you think of Chad Ochocinco's exchange with Speaker John Boehner?


Image via Medill DC, Jeff Kern/Flickr

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