iPhone 5 Release Timing Should Anger Apple Fans

iphonesApple fans with your finger -- literally -- on the pulse of the latest and greatest Mac products, prepare yourselves, because a brand new iPhone 5 is reportedly dropping as soon as ... this summer. Not that bizarre, considering that ever since 2007, a new iPhone has dropped every summer ... up until this past summer, when the company held out 'til October with the iPhone 4S. Now, apparently, they may not be waiting until fall 2012 to release the 5.

This info stems from a report on 9 to 5 Mac, in which an unnamed Foxconn employee said that there are "various sample devices" for the next iPhone already out there. Those in the know say this means we're looking at the new device to be set for a summer launch. So, okay, this is either good news or bad news, depending on how you want to look at it.


Good news if you're the kind of person who wants the latest, greatest, best, brightest iPhone even sooner. Or bad news if you just bought the iPhone 4S several months ago and can't understand what this iPhone 5 could possibly have that's any better than what you've already got attached to your hand almost 24/7. I fall into the latter camp.

It was annoying enough when the company was releasing a new phone every year, but now it's even sooner than that? What could they have possibly done with this iPhone 5 to make it worth upgrading? Doesn't it just sound like a gimmick ... (cough like the mythical white iPhone 4)?

Rumors are swirling that the new model may have a 4-inch or larger display (pretty sweet) and be slightly longer and wider than current iPhones (okaaay). But the models that are out there right now are not final versions, so who knows what could happen between now and the summer?

Regardless, I'm not hearing anything about this iPhone 5 yet that's making me feel like I'll be left in the dust if I don't trade in my 4S right away. But if there is something incredible -- like, I don't know, it's 1,000x faster -- I will be pissed, and I can imagine there will be plenty of other Apple fans with me in that same ticked-off boat. Oh well, only time will tell how much we'll be sucked into Apple's grand scheme all over again.

Would you buy an iPhone 5 if it comes out this summer?


Image via Yutaka Tsutano/Flickr

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