3 Easy Ways to Create a Killer Facebook Timeline Cover

If you're not a big fan of Facebook's Timeline feature, it's time to suck it up, buttercup. Whether you like it or not, over the next few weeks, Facebook will be converting all profiles over to Timeline. While users previously had the choice to opt into Timeline, your good old familiar profile style will soon be unavailable.

What do this mean for you? For one, it means you might want to review your status updates, because they're going to be much easier to view -- but it also means it's time to figure out what giant-ass photo you want as your profile cover. As you may have noticed, Timeline includes a major layout change to the way your profile is displayed, including space for a large landscape image that runs along the top of the page.

Not sure where to get started? No worries! Here are three easy ways to create the perfect profile cover:


Use a free cover image.

All you need to do to add that big image to your profile cover is hover your mouse above “update info." Select “change cover," then upload a new photo or choose from an existing one. Of course, that's not the hard part -- the challenge is finding the right image in the first place. Luckily, there are a number of websites that offer a plethora of perfectly-sized cover images to choose from, like Cover Photo Finder, My Profile Cover, and many more. Personally, I'm tempted by these amazing free pop culture images from artist Sam Spratt.

Create an image with your phone.

Facebook Cover Designer
(available from iTunes) is a free app (with a $0.99 upgrade for a Pro version) that helps you easily turn any image into a cover design. Take a photo within the app, or import an existing one to crop, adjust, apply filters, then upload everything directly to Facebook. Easy-peasy.

Make your own.

If you're the artistic sort, it's pretty easy to create your own cover image -- just make sure it's 851 x 315 pixels, and fairly high-res so it doesn't get pixellated. To take things a step further, you can design your cover so it interacts with the smaller profile photo, which is 125 x 125 pixels. Check out these phenomenal examples of profile/cover designs to get some inspiration.

Note that whatever you decide to do for your cover image,
you can tinker with it before it goes live. As Facebook posted in a recent blog update,

Over the next few weeks, everyone will get timeline. When you get timeline, you'll have 7 days to preview what's there now. This gives you a chance to add or hide whatever you want before anyone else sees it.

That means you can spend some time fine-tuning your cover art—and also taking a quick peek to make sure everything else is ready for public viewing.

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