John Kerry Broke His Nose Playing Hockey & It Looks Surprisingly Better (& Smaller)

John Kerry noseSenator John Kerry is so lucky! He broke his nose playing hockey and it came out looking even better than before. The distinguished 68-year-old senator from Massachusetts didn't have a terrible nose before -- slightly Roman, longish, and prominent -- but it worked well on his tall, stately carriage. I guess that hockey stick that he supposedly got in the face hit him in just the right spot, because for some reason, the beakish look is gone, his nose is more defined, and there's a slight upturn now.

See the "before" picture below.









Here's Kerry from November, just a few months ago -- not exactly the same angle, but close:

John Kerry nose









But the very best comparison is this grainy video of him at the White House ceremony honoring the Boston Bruins on Monday, especially when he turns away and shows his full profile. Not drastic but definitely an improvement considering most hockey guys I know who broke their nose have it come out looking like a banana or swollen potato glued to their face. That is of course when they are foolish enough not to wear a full cage or shield on their helmets, which fully covers and protects the nose and face -- would someone like Kerry who's been rumored to use Botox and cares about his looks really be that dumb not to wear one? I've played ice hockey recreationally myself for decades, too, and I don't know anyone who's not in the pros who doesn't wear a helmet with a face cover. 

Not a lot of details about this supposed hockey game either, only that it was a family pick-up game over the holidays where he "got hit in the face with a stick." That's an awful long time to have those bruises. I guess he's a slow healer. I hope the family member who did that to him got a serious penalty for "very high sticking" haha!

Of course, it's entirely possible that when Senator Kerry legitimately "broke" his nose playing unprotected hockey, he decided it was a good opportunity for a tune-up, thus the lingering bruises and the slight refinement. Hey, I get that, more power to him. Whatever he did or didn't do, he's still a wicked handsome guy.

Watch the video -- do you think John Kerry got a nose job?


Images (top to bottom) via Win McNamee/Getty

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