‘Watching’ the Super Bowl on Social Media Could Make It More Fun

superbowl 46I got the sweetest voicemail from my mother-in-law Monday morning: "We've been watching the Giants win the football game so it looks like they're going to the Super Bowl! Yay Giants!" And I sat and thought, Giants ... I thought they played for San Francisco? So confused, must ask Google ...

That's how clueless I am about football. I watched just ONE game this season, the one when my hometown team the Broncos lost to the Patriots. And it kind of made me not want to watch another game. But thanks to the technological wonder of social media, I may not have to -- but I can still talk with my in-laws AS IF I've watched the Super Bowl. Yay Twitter!


This year's Super Bowl is all about social media. The host city committee has geared up their social media command center to help actual attendees in Indianapolis get directions, parking, and other helpful on-the-ground info. Taulbee Jackson, CEO of the company managing the Super Bowl communications hub, says, “Social media is just how people interact now. We felt it was critical to have some horsepower behind that aspect of the Super Bowl here, versus what you might have seen from other Super Bowls.”

But what about fan-ish people far away from Indianapolis who are equally lost? If the host committee is monitoring digital fan conversation via Twitter and Facebook to find people to help, maybe I can monitor fan conversation to help me figure out what's going on in the game while I spend the weekend doing my laundry, playing games with my son, and watching the new Werner Herzog 3-D dance documentary Pina. It's going to be like the CliffsNotes for the Super Bowl!

All I have to do is check into SUPERBOWL XLVI on Facebook or -- OMG, Mashable is actually telling me who to follow on Twitter for Super Bowl scoop! This is so exciting! So exciting, in fact, I may even be persuaded it actually turn on the Tee Vee and watch some of the game. Ya think? Nah ....

Will you follow any part of the Super Bowl via social media this year?


Image via NFL.com

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