Jay Cutler's New Baby Is Going to Teach Him to Be a Better Football Player

kristin cavallari jay cutlerIs it just me, or does Jay Cutler seem to be losing some of that cocky pro-athlete I-am-invincible attitude we've all come to expect from the football player? Maybe this baby on the way (with on-again fiance Kristin Cavallari) is just what the 28-year-old quarterback for the Chicago Bears needs. Who knows? The responsibilities of fatherhood do have a way of changing a man, and I'm willing to bet those changes will be good for Cutler the guy AND Cutler the Bear.

Think about it. Once a dude becomes a dad, the way he looks at the world changes. (He no longer thinks it revolves around him!)

Some fans are afraid that his recent/evolving shift in perception could throw Cutler's game off for good. But I think it's going to do the exact opposite. And here are the reasons why:


1. Becoming a dad makes a man goal-oriented. Helpful when building the nursery, even more helpful on the football field.

2. Becoming a dad makes a man appreciate the value of time. Meaning, he's not going to waste the free time he gets now that he gets so little of it. Imagine what an efficient player Cutler's going to be!

3. Becoming a dad makes a man more grateful and humble. Already Cutler is tweeting his thanks to fans for the deluge of best wishes. Good manners (who knew he had those?).

4. Becoming a dad makes a man remember the things that matter to him the most. I'm going to take a wild guess here and say football matters, uhm, a lot to Jay Cutler. Good news for Bears fans? Yeah.

5. Becoming a dad makes a man want to take better care of himself. So he'll be around to watch his kid grow up, of course. Yet another good sign for ... wait for it ... da BEARS!

Do you think becoming a dad will be good for Jay Cutler?


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