Cheap 2012 Super Bowl Tickets: We Scoped Them Out & They’re Expensive!

Super Bowl logoSo you want to buy some Super Bowl tickets? Get ready for the good news! A seat in Lucas Oil Stadium to watch the New England Patriots face off against the New York Giants on February 5 is expected to be cheaper than the mega prices NFL fans shelled out for last year's Packers/Steelers game. And now for the bad news: cheaper doesn't exactly mean cheap.

We scoped out the scene for a seat at Super Bowl XLVI, and found your best bet for "cheap" seats. Think they're a better bet than sitting at home where you get to see the commercials and the game? You be the judge.


The Official Path: Ticket Exchange by Tickemaster

  • The cheapest ticket available will set you back $2,785. Located in the upper end zone, these seats are in the very back section waaaaaaaaaay in a back row.
  • Because the NFL does not sell tickets to travel or ticket agents, this is the only online ticket sales spot approved by the NFL. If by some chance the ticket is a fake, you are guaranteed 100 percent of your money back from Ticketmaster. But if the event is cancelled and won't be rescheduled (hey, you never know), you're out your money.

For the Gambler: eBay

  • The best deal is still on the auction site, where a ticket in the end zone is $2,175. But there is a catch: you have to buy two tickets, so the final price is $4,349.99.
  • eBay does promise to get you a refund if you don't get your item, but the onus is on you to stay on top of things. The site has very strict regulations for opening a claim, and you have to follow their process.

The Best Bet: StubHub

  • You can still get a seat in the end zone for as "little" as $2,544 right now, but you better bring your nasal drops because these are the very definition of nosebleed seats. They're far from the field, and the row number for your seat is still listed as "to be determined." If you're picky and want an aisle seat -- still far, far, far from the action -- expect to see your price climb to $3,600 or more.
  • The tickets are being sold by a ticketholder, not the NFL, but StubHub guarantees fans a refund if they receive a fraudulent ticket, and they'll try to help you find replacement tickets. And unlike the NFL's approved site, the company promises that if the game is cancelled and not rescheduled, you'll get a refund. 

So these don't sound like a deal? Well, you could buy a full suite of street level seats on StubHub for a little over $600,000 instead ... which do you think is closer to YOUR price range? Or you could try entering the Doritos giveaway for tickets along with a gazillion other people and just take your chances.

Have you ever splurged on Super Bowl tickets? Was it worth it?


Image via NFL

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