Samsung Commercial Making Fun of Apple Hits Below the Belt (VIDEO)

samsung commercialApple is like the Angelina Jolie of the tech world. Everything they do is sleek, sexy, and classy (save for the whole husband stealing thing). So, naturally, people are jealous of it. And, naturally, people are going to make fun. Enter Samsung's new commercial that mocks Apple and everything they encompass -- particularly their "fan boys" -- set to air during the Super Bowl.

The ad, which you can preview for yourself, features a bunch of tired girls and dudes camped out in front of a "store" in the wee hours, waiting to buy the latest version of the "store's" phone. The girls and dudes obviously look foolish and say things like, "Ugh, it looks just like the last phone." Then, a guy with a Samsung phone walks by, tells them how awesome it is, and bada-bing, bada-boom, we're out.

Like a political smear campaign, the ad focuses on how "stupid" Samsung's competition is. And like a political smear campaign, it mostly makes them look bad.


Check out the commercial:

As this ad proves, there are two kinds of people: Apple people and non-Apple people. And the thing about the non-Apple people is, well, they hate Apple. As a person who happens to be a fan of all things Apple, and who has been for quite some time, I chalk this up to jealousy.

Apple makes good, sleek, easy-to-use gadgets. Bottom line. And they're the ones who always seem to come out with the products first. The iPhone, the iPad. There are a million replicas of both of these items now, but Apple was the company which originally debuted them. Why make fun of somebody that you're biting off of? Because you're jealous, that's why!

The entire basis of this ad is making fun of Apple's loyal customers -- and I just think that's in poor taste. Apple hasn't ever resorted to name-calling or such to sell their products.

Their products just sell. Because they're that good. Booya.

Do you think this commercial takes things too far?


Image via gilbertjasononhuffpo/YouTube

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