NFL Playoff Games Bring Out Must-See Fan Reactions (VIDEOS)

Baltimore Ravens fanWell, it's official: the Super Bowl will feature a rematch between Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and Eli Manning and the New York Giants. However, neither team got there without some major drama. The Giants beat the resurging San Francisco 49ers with a field goal in overtime while the Patriots won when the Baltimore Ravens missed a last-second field goal to tie up the game.

To say these games were exciting would be a complete understatement. These kinds of games are why football has never been kind to my liver.

As a football fan, I can totally appreciate when fans overreact to their team's victories as well as defeats. With such close games, the drunken reactions to the outcomes are either hilarious or heartbreaking and always BIG. Let's check out some of the best elated and devastated die-hard fan reactions to yesterday's Super Bowl playoff games.


First, the agony of defeat, when the 49ers blew their chance to try for a sixth Super Bowl win in overtime. Take a look at this die-hard fan's reaction to the loss. Then be grateful you aren't quite this invested in your team. I'm glad he didn't rip the TV off of the wall:

But then of course there's the other side. You can always count on New York Giants fans to get rowdy. This video was shot right after Lawrence Tynes made his overtime-winning field goal. Living in New York, I'm gonna have to put up with this for the next two weeks. All-day drinking will do this to you:


Another small, cute child absolutely devastated by the Baltimore Ravens' loss. As a Steelers fan, I really hope I don't upset my child this much when my team loses. How can you not feel badly for this teeny fan?

With every loss, another team wins. This clip was taken during the missed field goal by Billy Cundiff at a bar in Boston. Sometimes, there's just no other feeling like your team winning a close and important game. It gets to the point where you certainly don't mind hugging complete strangers.

What do you think of these fans' reactions to the games? What was your reaction yesterday?

Image via tylercomputer/YouTube

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