Tampa Bay Mascot Provokes Fan Fury With ... Silly String? (VIDEO)

bruins fan thunderbugSheesh! Testosterone overload much? I don't know about you, but I can't think of too many things that would make flipping out on a hockey team mascot named Thunderbug with a big yellow buggy head justifiable. Maybe if there was a really bad dude who recently escaped from prison hiding inside the costume. Or maybe if you were attacked by a swarm of bugs early in life and suffered from some weird, insect-triggered form of PTSD.

But it's definitely, definitely NOT cool to go all crazy town on something called a Thunderbug because he sprayed you with silly string. Silly string?!?!

Except that's exactly what a Boston Bruins fan did when Tampa Bay Lightning mascot Thunderbug surprised him with a faceful of the aforementioned string-in-a-can.

Make no mistake, the Boston fan was MAD. He went after that bug like an exterminator with an axe to grind. Behold the plushie carnage and see what I'm talking about ...


Good thing those costumes are padded!

Right? Dude. It's silly string. You can't fly into a rage over a substance defined by its very nature as SILLY.  Surly string, maybe. Satanic string? Perhaps. I'm gonna git you sucka string? Sure.

Dressing up like a giant yellow bug ... not for the faint of heart.

Do you think this Bruins fan overreacted to Thunderbug's silly string attack?

Image via riosgchwd/Flickr

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