Lovesick Teen's Way-Too-Personal Message Shouldn't Be on YouTube (VIDEO)

Magmaflower YouTube videoCome one, come all -- do I have a treat for you. Well actually, this 14-year-old from New York has a treat. After missing a few days of school, YouTube user Magmaflower (handsome grin, seen right) wanted to send his girlfriend Briona a special video telling her how much he loved her and missed her.

Magmaflower (best username EVER) told a local radio station that he was going to email his girlfriend the video love note, but the file was too big -- so he decided to put it up on YouTube instead. Since he loves his girlfriend so much and doesn't care who knows it, he decided to keep the video public.

I will warn you now, I am not responsible if you pee your pants laughing. Thus I present you with "My Video for Briona":


The way that he says baby girl. The lip licking. I DIE. But the little gem of a quote that really does it for me: "You mean more to me than gold and diamonds mean to the greediest burglar."

This video is hilarious in a lovesick puppydog kind of way, but there's a bigger problem with what's happening here. These days, no matter their age, people have no shame on the Internet. Whether its a viral breakup letter or hilarious baby video, everything and anything are fair game on the world wide web. This should have been a private message, now everyone and their friends have seen it and are making fun of the New York teen.

Even so, he just doesn't seem to care. He's giving radio interviews and has even made a Facebook page supporting his vid. What's it going to take to realize that things like this should be private, not public? When is someone going to push the envelope too far?

Do you think Magmaflower should have kept his love video private?


Image via magmaflower/YouTube

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