Kris Humphries Can't Even Get Love Back Home

Kris HumphriesPoor Kris Humphries is getting it from all sides these days it seems. Kim Kardashian's ex is getting used to being booed at games when he takes to the floor for the New Jersey Nets. But at least he's still got the hometown crowd rooting for him, right?

Wrong! Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was caught cracking wise about one of the North Star State's most famous athletes at a South Carolina Republican event for presidential candidate Mitt Romney. A former candidate himself, Pawlenty said he doesn't feel sorry for Kris now that his marriage to Kim is over.


I don't want you to feel too sorry for him, I mean his marriage lasted longer than my presidential campaign.

Ouch! Dude, aren't you supposed to be out talking up the great state of Minnesota and what it has to offer to the rest of the nation? Yeesh.

I mean, the kid from Minneapolis might not have a championship ring on his finger like Khloe's man Lamar Odom, but Kris is a bona fide NBA star. Last year he averaged a double-double in points and rebounds, and the Nets have resigned him for a reported $8 million. Not too bad a representation of what the athletics programs in Minnesota schools can send out, right?

Then again, maybe Pawlenty's trying to avoid his state being linked with a guy whose best defense is to go on offense against his ex-wife every chance he can get? His last slam at Kim for how she deals with her mom and sisters stunk of sour grapes. If that's the way he deals with everyone who leaves him, maybe it's better Minnesota keeps its connection to Kris on the DL. It tends to be better for the tourist trade if people don't think they're going to be trash talked when they leave.

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Do you think Kris Humphries has really brought a lot of this negativity on himself?


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