Mark Wahlberg’s 9/11 Comments Get Him Into Hilarious Trouble on Twitter

mark wahlbergI can't help but laugh when I read -- and re-read -- Mark Wahlberg's asinine comments about 9/11. Yeah, I know he apologized, blah, blah, blah, but what was he thinking? Or not thinking? Clearly, he's just an out-of-touch Hollywood actor who's yet again confused real life with movie life. No, Mark, you aren't actually the character you play in Contraband. You're not even the character you played in The Other Guys. You're the brother of a New Kid on the Block who used to dance around in his underwear (and perhaps still does). 'Member?

Anyway, I'm not the only person who finds Wahlberg's wildly inappropriate comments laughable. There's a whole lotta making-fun-of-Mark on Twitter right now. And it's even more hilarious than an Andy Samberg impersonation. Well, almost. 


Here's what some had to say about the actor's insensitive words:

@thomastowell: “I can’t believe Mark Wahlberg just sat there and let Paula Deen get diabetes.”

@sagetestini: “#FactsWithoutWikipedia: Mark Wahlberg can stop planes from crashing & un-capsize the Costa Concordia, all while saying ‘Hi’ to your mother.”

@DaneCook: “Mark Wahlberg said he could’ve fought terrorists on his plane, preventing 9/11. Sadly for us, his movie Rock Star just could not be stopped.” Ehhh, that one's not quite as funny. (Shocking.)

Silly actors, you need to wise up. Long gone are the days of simply getting made fun of in tabloid magazines or blogs. We have social media now, don't you know? And it's not just a forum for you and your fans -- it's a platform for people to call you out of your shit (in a hilarious way) the moment you say something idiotic. Get with it.

Hopefully the backlash against Wahlberg -- on websites, on Twitter, etc. -- will prevent celebrities from ever making such stupid comments again. But let's get real, odds of that couldn't be slimmer.

How insensitive were Wahlberg's comments? (And how funny is the Paula Deen joke?)


Image via SPakhrin/Flickr

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