Rob Lowe Makes Himself Relevant Again With One Ridiculous Tweet

rob loweWell, hey there, Rob Lowe. Long time no see, but way to go with that command for social media! You just proved you can unearth yourself from relative oblivion in one fell ... tweet! The actor, who stars in the sit-com Parks and Recreation -- but hasn't really been, err, relevant since he was an '80s heartthrob -- is under fire for mouthing off on Twitter today, claiming his "people" confirmed some grim news for sports fans: Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is announcing his #retirement later today. 

Whether or not it was Rob's responsibility to tweet the possible news, you gotta admit ... The guy's big mouth has managed to re-launch his celebrity faster than you can click "Follow."


Seems like it's all the rage these days, you know, for once-popular, now C-list celebs to turn to Twitter to mouth off and earn themselves a brand spankin' new 15 minutes. Just look at Roseanne or Ellen Barkin. No one had really heard much from either of those ladies since 1990-something, but thanks to the power of the tweet, they're all over the damn place again. Actually, I can't tell if it's a testament more to their natural outspokenness or Twitter itself -- but I suspect it's a combo of both.

Come to think of it, it's actually a bit dangerous. These silly barely-famous celebs can use Twitter to spread unconfirmed info like wildfire, instantly undermining, you know, real news! And because they're semi-famous, they're turning themselves into the story, so it's a double-whammy. DOH. Dear Lord, they're seriously hijacking the media just by jumping on Twitter. Someone get them off of there! Or at least, tell Rob Lowe he needs to start running his tweets by his publicist before he attempts to audition for the "role" of a sports reporter ever again ...

Do you find Rob Lowe's Twitter fiasco annoying?

Image via dodge challenger1/Flickr

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