Peyton Manning Retiring According to … Rob Lowe?

Peyton ManningWhen I woke up this morning and read a headline that said quarterback Peyton Manning was retiring, I first thought, Wow, that's really sad. He was a great player and fun to watch.

Then I kept reading. Apparently this news came from ... a tweet by Rob Lowe. Wait a second, um, what the heck??

Even though Rob Lowe is an actor on Parks & Recreation, which takes place in Indianapolis, and is a Colts fan and tight with owner Jim Irsay, he still had no right to announce Peyton's retirement -- which is probably not even true. And even if it were true, this is pretty much the worst way to find out a sports legend is retiring, and it's pissing a lot of people off. If Lowe wants a new career as a sports clairvoyant, he ought to give that up and stick with acting and being pretty.


What makes Rob look even more like a doofus is that all evidence is pointing to the contrary. Archie Manning, Peyton's Dad, even quipped, "I think he would’ve told me." Peyton is still in rehab for his neck surgery and working hard to play next season. And it's especially not like Peyton to make this sort of decision a mere couple of days before his little bro plays in the NFC Championship game.

Lowe, who tweeted this ridiculous announcement on Wednesday, tried to clear things up by saying he didn't get the news from Colts' owner Jim Isray or "anyone close to Jim," but from "a pretty-darn good source."

That's how you're gonna justify this Twitter-bomb, Rob? Let the eye-rolling commence. It's too bad that he tacked this on to the end of Peyton's season when he couldn't even get to play due to his injury and the Colts went 2-14. Now he's gotta clear this mess up. Talk about adding salt to the wound. Rob, please, next time, mind your own business and leave Peyton and his career alone.

It can't be any more clear that, due to the outrage from fans (as well as the jokes, Isray tweeted that "sources" say Lowe will star in an "epic remake of 'Deep Throat' with aging porn stars and 4 finger circus clowns!"), celebrities need to stay away from Twitter. Let's let the NFL MVP, Pro Bowl player, and Super Bowl winner announce his retirement on his own terms.

What do you think of Rob Lowe tweeting about Peyton Manning's retirement?


Image via Ytoyoda/Wikimedia

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