7 Things You'll Miss Out on Because of the SOPA Blackout

sopa nopa minecraftYou've probably heard by now that websites the World Wide Web over are joining in the blackout in protest of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act, nothing to do with Pippa Middleton, unfortunately). Most alarmingly, Wikipedia has joined the protest -- so good luck winning that Ryan Gosling trivia contest today.

SOPA is a serious threat to thousands of organizations and website creators, not to mention millions of users. But here's what I'm worried about: SOPA could kill all the laughter and fun on the Internet. Do you want to see the LOLcats die? I don't. Here's some of the fun the SOPA protest blackout is depriving you of today.


No more LOLcat memes! The Cheezburger websites have the day off. No more sharing and creating LOLcat and FAIL pictures to distract your coworkers with today -- at least, not until you read their protest pop-up. What is the opposite of LOLcat? SADdog. That's me today.

No jamming with your band. Jazz Sequence is in blackout. Of course it is -- jazz is the musical grandaddy of memes.

No armchair activism. MoveOn.org has joined the blackout. Now if you want to complain about something, you'll have to actually look up your Congress representative all by yourself! HARD! Also, how will progressives know what to protest today without MoveOn.org telling us? Oh wait ...

No saving the whales. Greenpeace-out. They're sacrificing polar bears to save the Internet. Can you believe?

Now you will have to have a conversation with your tween. Minecraft has joined the blackout. When was the last time your Minecrafting kid saw the sun, anyway?

No finding out what's good. GOOD.is is protesting, so there will be no GOOD news about GOOD businesses and GOOD organizations doing GOOD things. Instead, you are invited to read all about the BAD things SOPA will do.

No finding new sex positions. You, too, Museum of Sex?!? This is the last straw -- they've taken away the SEX. Sigh -- this last discovery may be the final one that pushes me to take action.

Oh wait, there is a tiny bit of laughter and fun on the Internet after all -- check out Oprah riding a jet ski with Jesus on TheOatmeal. Hope springs eternal! Just don't copy any of that and turn it into another meme because that would be piracy, Pippa. Find out who else is participating in the protest via Mashable. Now sing along with me.

Are any of your favorite websites blacked out in protest of SOPA and PIPA?

Image via Minecraft

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