Sick Sexual Assault on Drunk LSU Fan Had Nothing to Do With Sports

bourbon streetOkay, we all know that drunk college-age guys do incredibly stupid things. When they're drunk and some other poor sap has the misfortune of being even more inebriated, they do incredibly stupid things to that person. I've seen it happen -- in my day, the drunk guys had a rule: If your buddy passes out at a party, he's safe. But if he takes his shoes off before he passes out, stupid things like drawing all over his face with a Sharpie and taking photos is perfectly acceptable. Add sports into the mix and I imagine team colors are used.

Drunk, stupid ... but harmless. Absolutely NOTHING like the sick, twisted act of the Alabama fan recently videotaped sexually assaulting a passed-out LSU fan at a bar on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

What this guy did -- at press time, both victim and assailant were still unidentified -- was too cruel and twisted to be stupid. It had nothing to do with team rivalry or the competitive nature of sports or anything of the sort. 


The footage is absolutely nauseating to watch. A bunch of wasted, rowdy Alabama fans picking on a completely helpless LSU fan who appears to be slumped on the bar in mid-blackout (it was initially rumored that the kid was in fact dead, but thankfully those reports turned out to be false).

At first it seemed like nothing too bad was going to happen to the LSU fan (I kept expecting somebody to pull out a Sharpie). Then, towards the end of the clip, the loudest, most obnoxious oaf in the group did the unthinkable: He teabagged the LSU fan. (Or, to be more precise, he unzipped his pants, took out his testicles and rubbed them all over the poor guy's face.)

New Orleans police are currently trying to track the teabagger down, and I can only hope he'll be apprehended and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Because while many will no doubt try to pass this off as nothing more than the hammered antics of an average sports fan, they will be dead wrong.

I don't know what made this vile Alabama fan do what he did, but a few possibilities come to mind: Deep-seated aggression, intolerance, homophobia, self=loathing, volcanic rage ...

That's no average sports fan. That's somebody who should be locked up sooner rather than later.

How would you punish the Alabama fan who sexually assaulted the LSU fan?


Image via CGehlen/Flickr

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