Half-Naked David Beckham Makes Super Bowl Watchable (PHOTO)

David BeckhamSo, you're not sure if you're going to watch the Super Bowl this year? Allow me to answer that question for you. Retail chain H&M will debut their first-ever commercial during the biggest football game of the year featuring David Beckham's new underwear line.

I don't know about you, but I am of the mind that there is nothing that a half-naked Beckham can't improve. And this may be the single most important moment in football for 2012.


Think about it!

The NFL is always trying to come up with ways to get the non-football viewing types to pretend they care about the game for at least a day. Most of the time they throw us a bone with a half-time show to get us to DVR the Puppy Bowl and give the gridiron a chance, but with the Madonna plan for half-time getting a lukewarm response, they have been waiting for a Hail Mary pass.

It's got to hurt having it come from a guy known for playing the kind of football where you actually use your feet. But hey, it's better than nothing, right guys?

Finally, thanks to Golden Balls, there will be a reason for people who don't give two hoots for football to sit on the couch and drink excessive amounts of beer (really, why is the Super Bowl on a Sunday night?), and eat excessive amounts of dip right alongside their compadres who actually understand downs and completions and shotgun formations. Sometime in the second quarter, all will get to see David Beckham's washboard abs and shapely rump in his bodywear collection.

And of course from the NFL perspective, that means that those who may or may not refer to the big February game as the Stupid Bowl will spend at least one quarter and a half watching a bunch of guys in tight pants run around on the grass. Yes, we will do anything to see David Beckham in his skivvies.

Did this nail down your plans for Super Bowl Sunday?


Image via H&M

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