Italy Cruise Ship Survivor May Have Facebook to Thank for Her Life

facebookA cruise ship dancer who was aboard the Costa Concordia, the Italian ship that capsized off the coast of Tuscany, potentially saved her own life by updating her Facebook status. When the boat was essentially empty, Rose Metcalf, 22, typed out on her Facebook page: "My name is Rose, it’s Friday the 13th and I’m one of the last survivors still on board the sinking cruise ship off the coast of Italy. Pray for us to be rescued.”

The message was intended for her mother, but thankfully, it's not the last note she'll ever write her. Rose and her boyfriend, an engineer on the ship, were rescued a short while later. The two were gearing up to make a swim for it when a helicopter grabbed them and brought them to safety.


Now, it hasn't been stated that the reason Rose and her boyfriend were saved is because of her status update, but it certainly couldn't have hurt. Recently, technology, social media in particular, has played a key role in helping people get to safety, or saving lives in some other form.

About a month ago, there was the Utah woman who posted a status update, asking for help, when she and her 17-month-old baby were being held captive. There was the homeless woman who used Twitter to get off the streets. And there was even the Words With Friends game that resulted in diagnosing a man's life-threatening illness.

Although Facebook, Twitter, and the Internet in general have their well-known downfalls (wasting massive amounts of time, making you depressed, etc.), clearly they've brought some positive attributes to society, too. I mean, anything that offers a new, innovative way to save lives can't be all that bad, right?

Would you think to post to Facebook if you were in trouble?


Image via west.m/Flickr

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