Focus on the Family Ad Inspired by Tim Tebow Is Too Extreme for NFL (VIDEO)

focus on the family john 3:16 adTim Tebow may not have had an opportunity to genuflect and get on America's nerves last night, but that's okay, because the staunch anti-abortion, evangelical Christian group Focus on the Family stepped up to the plate to do that for him. Inspired by the "miracle of John 3:16" that went down last week when the Broncos faced off against the Steelers, the socially conservative group used the verse in a quickly pulled-together advertisement, which aired during last night's highly anticipated Broncos-Patriots game

But anyone who has a bone to pick with the ad can't blame Tebow. The QB and his mom did do a controversial Focus on the Family commercial in 2010, but this time around, his involvement was truly indirect at most. No, the finger-pointing here should be directed at the network that approved the ad: CBS.


Feeling darn good about carrying one of the biggest games of the season, I guess the network figured they had nothing to lose ... That if Focus on the Family wanted to cough up the cash to nab that ad space, why not let 'em? But the danger of that is letting a good ol' football game be overshadowed by a divisive message.

Even FOX Sports (!!) knew better last year when they rejected a similar John 3:16-themed commercial for the Super Bowl, explaining that the network "does not accept advertising from religious organizations for the purpose of advancing particular beliefs and practices." Wow. And yet, CBS couldn't resist, huh?

Focus on the Family spokesman Gary Schneeberger says they have every right to advertise, since "it's OK to shove Doritos down people's throats, and cars and everything else," so it should be okay to do the same with religion. I beg to differ. FOTF is an organization with extreme, polarizing beliefs. To compare those beliefs to snacks or automobiles is ridiculous! People may prefer BMWs over Lexuses or Sam Adams over Bud Light, but no one's going to feel like their appetite for the game's been ruined if they see an ad related to one of those products. On the other hand, religious, moralistic ads like Focus on the Family's simply do not speak to a wide enough audience and could be considered offensive to many. 

In the end, CBS's decision to run the ad has no concrete repercussions. It's not like NFL fans who weren't down with the ad can really boycott the network the next time it airs a big game. But those of us who opposed the decision should still raise our voices and let it be known that in the future, we're not interested in being served up a plate of football with a heaping side of righteous beliefs.

Here's the ad if you didn't catch it.

What do you think about networks OK'ing religious ads to run during NFL games?


Image via FocusontheFamilyUSA/YouTube

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