50 Cent Tweets Rude 'Photo' of Blue Ivy Carter & Looks Like a Fool

50 cent album coverI get that 50 Cent is an outspoken guy -- like many entertainers! -- but sometimes, he might want to think before he speaks ... err, tweets. The rapper/actor is under fire for a tweet he sent to his over 5 million followers that featured strange photos of a baby with Jay-Z's face PhotoShopped over the infant, which was apparently meant to poke fun at what Jay and Beyonce's newborn, Blue Ivy Carter, looks like. All it succeeded in doing, of course, was offending people, potentially even the new parents themselves! 

I wouldn't blame Jay and Bey for being even slightly put-off by the tweet. Shouldn't someone who they likely consider a colleague or at least a fellow celebrity know better than to tweet, or even retweet, something that's so tasteless?


But the official word from 50's rep is that the rapper "did not post the image. He was not mocking Jay-Z or Beyonce but instead was trying to discourage his followers from doing so." Okay, sure, I could see how that could be the case. He only retweeted the photo someone else made/posted originally to show his followers an example of what "not to do." But at the same time, yeeeesh! It still turned into quite the foot-in-the-mouth moment for the guy, huh?

And this, my friends, is why Twitter users have gotta try harder to rein it in with using the social network as their own personal soap box. As we've seen time and time again, celebs attempting to spread a preachy "message" or counsel their followers or make some meaningful statement can quickly get out of control.

Start trying to do fancy, cerebral, or even opinionated tricks on Twitter, and you're just going to cut off your nose to spite your face! We all know how the Internet is already a dead zone for communicating social subtleties. (Ever have an IM convo where you're trying for facetious or sarcastic and it just does ... not ... go over well at all? Yeeeah. Awwwkward.) Twitter is even worse in that it's a dead zone for subtle anything! Most people read tweets at face value and ascribe any opinion expressed in that tweet as something felt by the tweeter. (With the exception, of course, of known comedians/satirists, like Stephen Colbert.)

50 may not have posted that photo in the first place, but he's gotta realize he can't screw around with preachy retweets or spreading anything that could get him in hot water. Unless of course he enjoys being loathed by the reigning King and Queen of Hip-Hop and all their loyal subjects?

Do you think more celebs could stand to think before they tweet?

Image via 50cent.com

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