Who Cares if 'Words With Friends' Is a Bad Habit? It Saved a Man's Life!

words with friendsThe scrabble game Words With Friends never ceases to amaze me. And not just because of its ability to eat up hours upon hours of our precious days, but because, for a game, it seems to be in the news an awful lot. It was only a little over a month ago that Alec Baldwin and the game made headlines when the actor was kicked off an American Airlines flight for refusing to stop playing. Now, there's a man who's crediting Words With Friends with saving his life. And not, like, his emotional life. His actual life.


Georgie Fletcher of Australia met Beth Legler of Missouri through a run-of-the-mill Words With Friends game. After a bit of online chatting, Georgie described her husband Simon's health problems to Beth, who in turn described them to Larry, her doctor husband.

The symptoms sounded all too familiar to Larry, and he urged Simon to get to a hospital stat. When Simon got to the hospital, doctors realized that he had a 99 percent blockage near his heart (AKA, things were really bad). Now, cut to three months later, and everything's hunky-dory over in Australia with Simon and his health, all thanks to a video game -- and Larry. Simon's wife Beth recently said, "Had Larry not sent that message I don’t think Simon would have gone to the doctor that day.” And Simon added, "I owe Larry everything ... I’m really lucky to be here."

Yes, they do owe Larry a lot. But, let's not forget, Larry would have never gotten that message were it not for ... Words With Friends!

Are you addicted to Words With Friends?


Image via fimoculous/Flickr

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