Michelle Obama's Tweets Aren't That Hard to Imagine

michelle obamaIn the wake of having to acknowledge nasty stereotypes (which only serve to make those publishing them look ridiculous), Michelle Obama has adopted a new platform to let her voice be heard: Twitter! Yep, the First Lady is now on the microblogging social network, tweeting from @MichelleObama, likely as part of her play to help support her husband in his run for re-election this fall.

It should come as no surprise, however, that she won't necessarily be doing all the tweeting herself. Pffft ... maybe some public figures (I'm looking at you, Ellen Barkin and Kanye West) have time to tweet on their own constantly, but do we expect the FLOTUS to write all her own tweets? I certainly don't. She's got much more important biz to contend with. However, when she does tweet, she's going to be signing those 140-character messages with "-mo," so we know it's her. 


Of course the first tweet was all business: "We’re excited today to launch @MichelleObama as a new way for you to connect with First Lady Michelle Obama and the President’s Campaign." Right, right, we know. But wonder what she's going to be tweeting about, hmmm ... 

Maybe she can keep us updated on some her healthiest recipes, or talk about the way she's filling up her "My Plate" for lunch today! She could also track her physical activity for the day ("Walked Bo around rose garden - burned 103 calories, whoohoo! #LetsMove") or tweet clips of iCarly. Ooh, ooh, she could even poll her followers on what designer she should wear to whatever event is coming up ("The @JasonWu or the @JCrew sundress, what do you think? #DesignerOrDiscount"). 

Ha ha, okay, back to being real. Obviously, the First Lady will make very productive use of her Twitter account by sending out messages about politics, her hubby's campaign, and occasionally, her own goings-on. No matter what tweets she sends, they'll get us talking, I'm sure!

I'm following @MichelleObama. How about you?


Image via WhiteHouse.gov

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