The Essential Celebrity Beauty Trick We Love to Hate (VIDEO)

fotoshop by adobeMagazine editors and ad art directors, I think it's time for an intervention. Close out of your programs and step away from the computer. You have a problem. Come on, admit it -- it's the first step to your recovery. You're addicted to Photoshop.

Forget anti-aging serums and dieting -- this is the most effective beauty aid EVER: Fotoshop by Adobé. Well, that's according to this hysterical video by Jesse Rosten, which spoofs the computer program's transformative powers.


It's all about how we're ratcheting up the beauty standards to ridiculous heights through the clickety-clack of our computers. Watch as teeth get whiter, models get skinnier, eyelashes get thicker (and kind of freaky), and black actress Gabby Sidibe turns ... Caucasian?!? Yikes, we've crossed over from erasing a few stray hairs to erasing what makes each of us unique and human.

Photoshop is like a drug. What started out as a useful aid has turned into a full-blown addiction for some art directors and editors. How many of us were outraged by those creepy H&M ads with the fake bodies, or thought those Julia Roberts turn-back-the-clock ads were laughable? It's like we all know -- but we still can't stop the madness!

What's it going to take? What's the methadone equivalent of Photoshop, anyway -- iPhoto? Maybe we should be weaning the airbrush-afflicted on some of that stuff. Because you know what? We all know what regular people look like -- we see them every day. So I think we can handle a little realism without the crazy Photoshopped images.

Do you think the Photoshopping is getting out of hand?


Image via Jesse Rosten/Vimeo

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