Tim Tebow Didn't Need ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ Rewritten Just for Him (VIDEO)

Tim TebowA re-tooling of '80s classic "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)" for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow sounds like it should be a compliment, doesn't it? Here's a song that hit the Billboard number one before little Timmy was even a glimmer in his beloved mama's eye, and singer John Parr has rewritten it just for him.

But then again, you probably haven't heard the name John Parr since 1985 when the Brat Pack movie of the same name helped propel it to number one. Parr is the classic one-hit wonder. Which kind of makes you think about a certain other guy who is being called out by the sports writers as a possible flash in the pan who will crash and burn against the New England Patriots on Saturday night?



Paging John Parr! Maybe this wasn't the absolute best way to pay tribute to your favorite football player? It's one part of the trash talk the guy didn't exactly need just as he's going into the AFC division championship.

I mean, I give Parr credit. The lyrics by David Foster were once supposed to help bring attention to the plight of athlete Rick Hansen, a Paralympian who wheelchaired through 34 countries on his Man in Motion Tour (hence the annotated song title) to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries. But then it was grabbed up by the movie company and John Parr got quasi-famous, and he's now on his third re-tooling of the song, this time on behalf of yet another athlete. Way to make one song drag you through three decades!

Now if only Tim Tebow could make one arm work for him for three more games, and he could actually be a Super Bowl winner ... and make all those one hit wonder speculators go away.

Check out the Tebowed version of "St. Elmo's Fire," and tell us -- do you think this guy has proved himself worthy of this kind of hullabaloo just yet or does Tebow have to prove himself with a Super Bowl ring?

Image via Jeffrey Beall/Flickr

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