Tim Tebow Scores Katy Perry Date? -- Only If Hell Freezes Over

Tim Tebow Katy PerryThis is probably the last thing Tebow Mania needs: rampant rumors of him getting set up with hot, popular, recently divorced pop star Katy Perry. It's not enough that Tim Tebow won a "miraculous" NFL playoff game last week and is now facing the intense media scrutiny of heading to New England Saturday night -- nope, we've got to speculate all over his love life as well. And yep, I'm completely guilty of it too -- the thought of this potential pairing with Katy Perry makes my eyebrows fly immediately skyward.

I can't think of a worse person for Tim Tebow to be with than Katy Perry (rapists and murderers, etc., aside). And at the same time, I can't think of a worse person for Katy Perry to rebound with than Tim Tebow. Regardless, they're scheduled to first meet at her hometown church. According to massive speculation (without much backing it up), Perry's parents are trying to set her up with the young quarterback. Let us pray that this does not happen.


For whatever reason, Katy's mom (supposedly) said the best cure for her love woes is to fall in love again quickly. Not sure if that's the greatest advice ever, but Katy's mom wants her to be with Tebow and only Tebow, who's "handsome, charming, intelligent, and above all, a good Christian."

Momma Perry, this sounds like such a TERRIBLE idea.

Despite the fact that Katy was raised in a devoutly Christian household, these days Katy is far too weird and quirky and out there for Tim. Opposites do and can attract, but only to an extent. Plus, she should take some time to herself before she gets involved with someone serious again, I don't care what her mom said. Going into a serious relationship from someone like Russell Brand to someone like Tim Tebow would be too much of a transition for her.

As for Tim, the playoffs have just gotten started. The Super Bowl is less than a month away (if the Denver Broncos get that far). If he really wants people to believe the hype, he needs to put all of his time and energy into the next few weeks. Also, he doesn't seem to want his personal life in the spotlight. (Religion and politics, on the other hand ...)

Dating Perry would make the media go nuts, and there will be absolutely no getting away from the scrutiny if they opt to start something up. Even the mere speculation of them being physically in the same space is sprouting countless articles like the one you're reading now. Tebow is facing enough of this already. Let's hope, for the sake of both the sports and entertainment worlds (though the line blurs every day), that their meeting is nothing more than a friendly how-do-ya-do.

What do you think about Tim Tebow and Katy Perry dating?


Image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr & Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia

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