Facebook Helps Woman Overcome Her Fear of Leaving the House (VIDEO)

arlynn presserSo, good news. It turns out that Facebook isn't going to be the death of civilization and destruction of actual human contact as we know it. In fact, in one particular case, it actually helped save a woman from a debilitating fear. Allow me to explain.

ArLynn Presser is a 51-year-old romance writer with a harrowing case of agoraphobia. I mean, harrowing. So, on New Year's of 2010, she made a promise to herself to fix it. She vowed to help herself overcome her disorder by traveling the world to meet all 335 of her Facebook friends. In person.

A year later, she's got 292 down. Check out the seriously adorable trailer for ArLynn's quest to meet all of her virtual friends.


Pretty amazing, no? Typically, I always think of Facebook, and the Internet in general, as sort of a cop out. A cop out from reality. It's much easier to talk to people on social media sites or through email or even text than in person. But I guess for certain people -- be they agoraphobic, or just extremely shy -- easier is better than nothing.

After taking her jaunt around the world, ArLynn has overcome her fears. Mostly. She says that she still gets panic attacks, but she now has better tools to manage and work through them. All thanks to a resolution and Facebook.

Her resolution this year is to help others overcome the same fears she had. Obviously, not everyone will be able to do it like she did, and for those, she at least has this message: "Do one brave thing a day, and then run like hell."

How great is this story? Do you find talking to people online easier than talking to them in real life?


Image via f2fb/YouTube

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