How to Lose Weight Just By Picking Up Your Phone

Gym-PactWe've all been there: It's six months after you signed up for some brand spankin' new gym, and you realize you've only stepped inside twice and haven't shed a pound. It sucks, doesn't it!? Well what if I told you that thanks to two Harvard grads, there's an app that can hold us all accountable for actually walking through those two doors to hang with the workout gods? Meet GymPact, a new iPhone app that actually pays you to work out.

Yes, you heard that right. You and I both can get PAID to lose weight. Sounds like the best app of 2012 (so far!). Sign. Me. Up.

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I know, it sounds too good to be true, but I promise it's legit. Users start off by creating a username and marking down how many times they want to get to the gym per week (this is called your pact). Then, they'll mark off how much they're willing to pay for every day they skip a sweat session. After a user is all set up, it's off to the gym where they "check-in" each time, sort of like users do on Foursquare. At the end of the week, if a user has kept their pact, they'll receive a cash payout to their personal PayPal account. Easy. As. Pie.

I know what you're wondering: where's the money coming from? Well, for all the users who fail to hit the gym, the funds are withdrawn from their accounts and are then pooled together and divided upon the successful gym bunnies.

Clearly, that means users aren't raking in some massive payout every week. However, a few extra bucks every month wouldn't hurt, and you're still making money for sticking true to a goal that will improve your lifestyle. Just remember, enthusiastic fellow resolution-ers, that it's just as easy to lose money as it is to earn it.

If you're anything like me, this app is beyond perfect. I'm the kind of lady who needs someone or something to report to and hold me accountable for my progress, just like those weekly weigh-ins back when I was losing weight with Weight Watchers. Knowing that missing a gym date means LOSING money, that would most definitely force me to go.

It's crazy to think that a single iPhone app could literally change your whole life. With GymPact, though, there's no denying it can.

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