New & Improved AT&T Network Should Shush the Haters

woman using iphoneAs an iPhone customer since the 3GS came out, I speak from experience when I say that AT&T hasn't always been the best wireless carrier out there. Okay, it's been one of the most loathed. I admit, I've griped about them just as much as the next person ... especially having their service in NYC, where dropped calls and zero bars were, at one point, just something we learned to accept as a part of the iPhone package. Oh yes, and getting accustomed to Verizon customers gloating all the time, too. But those days are OVER. 

Yes, you read that right! AT&T has quietly been making widespread upgrades over the last year, and they're much better than they used to be. They can now tout a 25 percent improvement in dropped-call performance on AT&T's 3G network, plus added capacity and faster speeds. And now that I think about it, I gotta vouch for them.


I do think my service has improved and gotten faster. Sure, there are still some spotty areas where service cuts out, but I think those are the same places where customers on any wireless carrier would encounter issues.

And when it comes to who is the "worst" these days, well, that's up for debate. My mom and sis have Verizon -- because they were rebelling against going with AT&T when they heard how bad it was -- and drop calls a lot more frequently than I do. My mom can't even talk to me on her cellphone when she's in her home! They plan on switching soon. My dad has T-Mobile and never complains, but I know there are parts of the country where he might.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm not making a play to be AT&T's equivalent of T-Mobile's chick in a pink dress. I'm just saying AT&T doesn't stink as much as it used to, they deserve credit for their upgrades, and it's plain wrong to continue to berate them as the worst of the pack. Then again, who am I kidding? We're always going to kvetch about our cell service, no matter what provider we have. It's just one of those things we seem to do to make ourselves feel better in this day and age.

How do you feel about your wireless provider's service?

Image via Marco Arment/Flickr

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