Beyonce's Pal Michelle Williams Shouldn’t Have to Publicly Congratulate Her

beyonceYou know what I think is weird? The fact that people think it's weird that Michelle Williams, Beyonce's former Destiny's Child bandmate, has stayed mum regarding the birth of her friend's baby, Blue Ivy, on Twitter. Seriously. Apparently there's been an onslaught of posts and comments on the Internet saying that, because Williams didn't wish her friend well via Twitter, she mustn't be happy for her. What the hell kinda crap is that?

Michelle, irritated by the obnoxious folk who wrote these rude things online, did take to her Twitter, however, to set the record straight. I kinda wish she didn't indulge these people, but I must admit, her response is pretty great.


Here's what Michelle unleashed on Twitter:

Let’s get ONE thing straight.... I do NOT have to say congrats to someone when they’re NOT on twitter...ESPECIALLY when I talk or email them all the time...or when I’ll be physically present as harassing and stalking my timeline to see if I’ve mentioned something is POINTLESS!!! My friendship with people aren’t always for twitter display. Respect that and get a LIFE!!! Enjoy this FINE day!!! God bless!!!!

Hiss! Michelle also noted that Beyonce, despite her official Twitter page's 2 million+ followers, has never tweeted a single thing. So, try that on for size, haters.

I actually find it so much more admirable that Michelle chose not to Tweet anything about Baby Blue. Even though her parents are two of the world's most famous people, it still was a sacred, private event. I don't think Beyonce needs one of her closet friends talking about it on Twitter just so her followers can see.

There's not a doubt in my mind that Michelle is happy for Beyonce and Jay-Z, despite her Twitter silence. In fact, I think her silence says so more than some lame, 140-character message ever could. Way to keep it classy, Michelle.

Do you think Michelle is happy for Beyonce and Jay-Z?


Image via AlexJohnson/Flickr

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