New Solar-Powered Kindle Case Could Kill the Charger Forever

solarfocus solar powered kindle cover 2012 CESThe 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) -- which is pretty much like Oscars season at the movies or Fashion Week in the world of haute couture -- is going on right now, and one of the coolest items to make its debut there is a solar-powered Kindle cover. And believe me when I say this isn't just some kooky accessory only a techphile geek could love. It's a revolution, baby! Or at least, it should be.  

Invented by a Taiwan-based company called SolarFocus, the case exclusively fits the fourth-generation Kindle, but it should be available for the Kindle Touch in the spring, they say. But back to the revolution part ... How would you like to never have to tinker around with annoying chargers and USB cords to charge your Kindle again? How about never having to charge any gadget -- smartphone, tablet, GPS, etc. -- again?


Yes! That's the direction this kind of invention is taking us. No more cords, no more futzing around looking for outlets. We could power our gadgets exclusively with the sun.

Here's the scoop on the Kindle case: The front part of features one long solar panel, and on the inside, there is a pop-up light that will help you read at night or in low-lighting. So, it's kind of like a built-in reading lamp, which is sweet.

I sure as heck could have used something like this for my iPhone and Macbook back around Halloween when we got slammed with that insane snowstorm here in the Northeast, and I was without power for several days! And geeze, how many times do we all misplace or forget our charges or just run out of battery at the most inconvenient times?

I'm psyched for technology to start moving in this practical, green, low-stress direction, but at the same time, I don't really know why it's taken us this long to get something like this going, and just for an e-reader. Weren't those Texas Instrument calculators we were all required to have -- TI-80-whatevers -- solar-powered? Hello, and that was in the '90s! How come other tech companies can't get their acts together and help us harness power from sunlight? At any rate, though, what SolarFocus is doing here shouldn't just be an anomaly! Let's hope they actually start a long overdue trend.

Would you prefer to use solar-powered chargers/cases for your gadgets?


Image via SolarFocus

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