Alec Baldwin's Return to Twitter Spells Trouble

alec baldwinFor years Alec Baldwin has slayed me as Jack Donaghey on 30 Rock, and with his infinite appearances on Saturday Night Live. But I'm going to come out and say it -- my life has been no different since he "quit" Twitter on December 6 after that whole incident with American Airlines and "Words With Friends." I still get up each morning. I still go to work. And, at night, I still fall asleep. In fact, come to think of it, things have been quite lovely. I haven't been privy to a stream of vitriolic rants on the social media site as of late. So perhaps the actor should reconsider his recent rejoining of Twitter. Alec's an interesting guy and all, but I think the world was okay without him being on Twitter.


Unlike a lot of Hollywood actors, Alec Baldwin is smart. He's educated, well-read, and he's got interesting things to say. But all too similar to lots of Hollywood actors, he has an incredibly short-fuse, and a gigantic ego -- and that's the side we often see of him on Twitter (see his Tweets about American Airlines).

So, I'm thinking maybe less of Alec -- and perhaps Alec only in character -- is more. That's when he's at his best, no? I mean, when he enters our living room every Thursday night as Liz Lemon's boss, he's hilarious and adorable. When we see that he's going to be the host of SNL, we tune in. But when he's hootin' and shootin' all over Twitter -- well, he's a just not as likable.

Do you think Alec Baldwin should have rejoined Twitter?


Image via Vivanista1/Flickr

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