Beyonce's Baby Twitter Account Is Too Much, Too Soon

Beyonce Blue CarterThat was fast! Beyonce finally gave birth to the heir apparent to the pop princess crown just yesterday, and proud papa Jay Z finally loosened security enough to let her name leak out in the middle of the night. And of course little baby Blue Ivy Carter already has her own Twitter account.

In just five hours, the account had more than 12,500 followers. For a newborn. Celebrity stalking has officially reached a new high . . . wait, better make that a new low.


Technically @IvyBlueCarter is a parody account, a fact made obvious first by the fact that they got the baby's name wrong. Ivy Blue Carter -- rather than Blue Ivy -- is the name that's been trending on the social media site all morning, but with Beyonce's bestie Gwyneth and the like weighing in to confirm the correct order of the baby's name, it's safe to say it's backward.

The photo of a toddler whose face seems to be some sort of mash-up of mom Beyonce and dad Jay-Z's faces doesn't exactly give it a whole lot of credence either. The person who gets the first shot of newborn baby Blue is going to be paying through the nose. We're not getting it for free on Twitter, ya hear?

However, the account's mere creation says a lot about the way society treats even the baby of a celebrity. Little Blue Ivy is nothing more than a commodity. The person who saw the news that Beyonce gave birth in New York and saw fit to jump on Twitter to claim the URL could have just thought they were being funny.

More likely, they're trying to cash in.

Domain and Twitter name claims are a bona fide business on the web, where people lay claim to a particular URL in hopes that a company -- or in this case an exorbitantly wealthy celebrity -- will want it badly enough to pay them for the right to take it over. Like a piece of physical real estate, the process has been lucrative for some people. The guy who claimed years ago? He made $12 million when he sold it to an adult entertainment company. Who knows what Jay-Z would pull out of his wallet to make the idiocy associated with his little girl's name stop.

But if the person who claimed the URL just thought he was making a smart business move -- albeit with a messed up baby name -- what does it say about Americans that 12,500 people had fanned the faux account just five hours after it started? And the number is still growing. Not only is it a fake, but it's not even a good one. It got the name wrong! It is full of misspellings!

And, ahem, it's supposed to be the musings of a person who isn't even a day old, whose mother has yet to leave the hospital after a c-section. Celebrity's child or not, people should have better things to do than try to figure out what she's saying on the web just hours after birth. She's a baby. She'll poop. She'll sleep. She'll eat. Even Beyonce and Jay-Z can't make a child who comes out crooning her own lullabies.

This social media explosion for baby Carter seems a bit too much, even in the celebrity-obsessed world we're living in.

Is the Beyonce baby Twitter account just some harmless fun or proof that people will go to any length to get their taste of some celebrity?

Editor's Note: Surprise, surprise, followers might have been flocking to the faux account, but it's now been suspended.

Image via Twitter

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