Cool New Facebook Cards Are a Must for Social Butterflies

moo facebook cardsAs if Facebook hadn't already infiltrated every nook and cranny of our lives, now a brilliant company in the U.K. called Moo has figured out a way to make everyone's favorite social network even more omnipresent. They've come up with a new type of business card that you can automatically personalize with the same images shown on your Facebook Timeline. In other words, the cards (which start at $15 for 50 cards) end up looking like a mini, paper version of your Timeline, which in turn you can hand out to whomever you wish. You can include your phone number, email address, a quote (on the back of the card), and other info.

Sweet, right, but wait ... Do you know what this means?! It means they've actually brought "social networking" into the REAL WORLD! Whoa.


It's so useful! In the past, when you meet someone you want to go out on a date with or be friends with or take a yoga class with or whatever, you'd probably have no choice but to tell them to "find you on Facebook." You could give them your business card, but that seems sort of stiff and unnecessary if you're not interested in doing business with them, you know? But what the Moo folks have done is bring what we want to share about our personal life into a business card context. WHOA. Mind officially blown.

And I also really appreciate that this company has figured out a way to take what we all really love about Facebook (expressing ourselves, being able to organize and share the highlights of our life, etc.) and bring it into the real world, into something we can share on a face-to-face basis! In other words, they're interested in helping us take our noses out of our smartphones and laptops, to promote real life interaction offline ... which may or may not lead to interaction online. Whoo hoo! Smart, very, very smart. It really makes you think, "Man, why did I think of this?!"

Here's a video of the cards and how to make them ...

What do you think about the Facebook Timeline cards? Would you use them?


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