iPad Falls From Space & Still Works -- Amazing! (VIDEO)

iPadI never really do anything crazy with my iPad besides play Angry Birds every once in a while and surf the Internet. However, if I ever have the urge to think outside of the box and drop it from more than 100,000 feet -- I now know which case I should put it in first.

The head honchos at G-Form came up with the brilliant idea to road test their Extreme Edge iPad case by dropping it from space. Yes, I'm serious. After putting the iPad in their case and tying it to a balloon-looking object, testers watched the device float up, up, and away, and waited for it to tumble back toward Earth.

Can a case that only costs $44.95 actually protect a tablet from that sorta drop? Trust me, this is an experiment that you've literally got to see to believe:


Wait, did he say that whatever video he was watching before the launch is still playing on that baby? Wowza. That's absolutely unreal. The iPad emerges 100 percent fine!

It's good to know that not only is the iPad a wonderful device, but it's a reliable one. I'm not sure if I need the serious protection of the G-Form case, but for the same price as most of the rest of the ones on the market, it's sort of a why-not? It is a tad bulky for my liking, though.

Check out the other crazy tests G-Form puts their Extreme Case through on their YouTube channel.

Do you have a case on your iPad or tablet?


Image via YouTube

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