Dramatic Reading of Britney Spears' Lyrics by Hulky Mavericks' Star Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki, a German NBA player for the Dallas Mavericks, tapped into his comedic side recently and sat down to do a quick dramatic fireside reading of the chorus of the Britney Spears classic "Oops I Did It Again." It's a short, 30-second video, as I believe most spoof-y dramatic readings should be -- not like you could get five-minutes' worth of lyrics out of a Britney Spears' song anyway -- but his performance will simply make your day.

It's gotta be the robe. Or the accent. Or the snobby tea party music playing in the background. Or his amazing glasses, which immediately make me take him more seriously. Or the fact that this guy is seven feet tall and saying things like, "Oh baby, baby ... oops, you think I'm in love" as if he were a professor lecturing in a college classroom. Actually, it's a culmination of all these things that make Dirk so damn lovable.


Watch Dirk's dramatic reading:

With very serious sports stories coming out recently, like runaway golf carts and crazy fans attacking a veteran, it's a breath of fresh air to see a sports video that makes you smile instead of cringe. There's something so endearing about Dirk. He's well known around the NBA as being a low-key, humble guy, who's nothing but gracious to his fans. They love him so that even a video of him nonchalantly killing a bug went viral.

Kudos should also be given to the Dallas Mavericks organization, which produces these spoofs and parodies throughout the season. It's pretty ingenious of them to tap a 10-time All-Star, one-time MVP, and 2011 NBA champion to take on one of the most obnoxious songs of our generation.

As a sports fan, I simply can't get enough of these cute little videos showing off the lighter side of athletes. My absolute favorite video of my favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, is when they filmed all the players singing terribly along with Christmas carols to celebrate the holidays. It highlights their funny, human side, and you can really see their personalities shine through. When we can watch athletes relax and be themselves, instead of the always intense, competitive superstar, it makes me really appreciate the human side of sports.

Do you have any favorite parodies performed by your favorite teams or athletes?

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